1st, 2nd and 3rd October 2019

The current high education framework, arising from the Bologna European agreement, encourage further investment in postgraduate training along with deeper learning and research skills starting from the bachelor's degree level.

The perceived need for Master and PhD courses is motivated, mainly, by the quest for deeper knowledge and the desire to carry out original research. The research process is often based on an individual journey, usually centered on the student and guided by the dialogue with the supervisor. Although being a positive policy of academic results' dissemination, the last step of this process takes place only as a public academic event and the research publication in open access, which leaves little room for further experience exchanges between peers.

EnIAD’s (Art and Design Research Meeting) aim is to promote a more informal presentation environment of finished or ongoing postgraduate research projects that foster the sharing of knowledge, experiences and challenges regarding the development of a Research Project, a Dissertation or a Thesis. It is also intended to encourage discussion and reflection on the specificities of academic research in Art and Design fields, and the consequent confrontation between theory and practice, science and art.